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Main mission

Association for National Organization of City Developers’ (short name in Hungarian: VÁTOSZ) main mission in the long run is to support the dynamic development of the municipal and county governments, respectively the regions, furthermore coordinate and technically support the use of EU funds efficiently. The most important task of the organization is to explore the new development goals of the target, related sources of funding for the projects and draft programmes, and together with expertly support and coordinate projects.

Further tasks of the VÁTOSZ: initiatives, studies and preparation of proposals to standardize urban development and urban regeneration theories and practices, respectively urban development practices and analysis/comparing of international examples.The most important thing for the members and experts of the Association, to cooperate with further partners and experts, who are contribute with most advanced approach on the highest standards to achieve our city and community development efforts, and also to ensure the most reliable knowledge base in the long term.

During our work, we have gained the competence to build up a growing international network, so among our partners can be found many governmental, municipal, professional and non-governmental organizations, public bodies.

With the help of the Associaton for National Organization of City Developers, projects can be successful, moreover, urban, municipal and economic participants can significally strenghten their lobbying activites in the future.